Evolutionary Astrology Reading - $150/session

 Natal Chart Interpretation

This 90 minute sessions will provide you with a deep  level of understanding and insight while offering clarity, guidance and empowerment to make the right choices that align you to your highest potential. This includes prep work, a recording, and response to follow up questions. My student fee for those enrolled in an astrology class is $125/hour. 


Transits and Asteroide Review Session $125

 60 minute review of current planetary transits and asteroids influences. 

This session is a snapshot of what major planetary and asteroids are at play in your life dynamics.  

Synastry Relationship - Composite  Reading - $275/session

Synastry readings are ideal for couples, but not exclusive to couples.

This session is a 2 hours journey  in which a detail analysis of both individual charts is use to illuminate the purpose of the relationship and uncover the karmic signatures.

Together both partner can discover the healing path and profound insights to come to a greater understanding of each other.  


A Composite chart can also be done to understand the energy the relationship creates; discover the unique dynamic of certain core potentialities and opportunities for growth.  A couple can gain clarity on how to support the evolution and the soul purpose of coming together. Through this in-depth examination of the composite chart, the couple can see the synergy of their energetic and karmic patterns in past lives and the carry-over lessons that brings them together again. 

This includes prep work, a recording, and response to follow up questions. My student fee for those enrolled in an astrology class is $200/hour. 

Life Purpose Career Chart  $175

This session focuses on Career and Vocational energies in the chart.  This type session can be helpful in identifying the right career path, job transitions, education and training path.  If you are needing guidance in finding your true career and optimizing your educational  goals and a career transition.  



Available fo, in-person, phone or on-line readings through Whats up or Zoom.

DISCLAIMER:   I am your astrological guide and share information to assist you in your journey.  My insights, views or recommendations are not meant to override your own judgement, wisdom, or intuition. Readings always take into account your own choices, perceptions and respect for your free will.   You may apply and share the information discussed in anyway you see appropriate for yourself.  Confidentiality is always  practiced during all sessions.

Leti Stiles

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