• Leti Stiles

Transformation Full Blast

Pluto and Venus will be in the sky this coming Saturday May 18th dancing in our hearts. The Full Moon in Scorpio (Pluto) opposing Sun in Taurus(Venus) will grace us with deep body and soul wisdom. This Scorpio and Taurus axis is asking us to balance these two polarities. Taurus is all about the material reality, our bodies and earthly resources, those things we value and our needs for physical survival. Taurus is a steady, practical and stable force that grounds us. While Scorpio is more about our deep emotional needs for security, intense passions and deep connection to the soul. Scorpio loves to swim in the mysteries of life and death to experience metamorphosis. Scorpio brings us to the depths of the emotional waters, so we may emerge reborn. There is a stellium in Taurus(Uranus, Venus, Mercury and Sun) opposing the full moon, focusing our attention on emotional sensitivity around our body consciousness and the emotional body, so we may bringing awareness to what is stored that is ready to be release and transformed. This is a call to melding the emotional and physical body by releasing stagnate emotions and ideas. Uranus helps us liberate the body from those karmic imprints, past wounds, pain, shame, and discomfort (Pluto ñ). As the Moon in Scorpio is in a sextile with Pluto conjunct the south node, it brings to light those things that have been hidden in our subconscious so we may integrate them into our conscious awareness. Mars in Cancer intensified the emotional waters and a desire to take action towards resolving what is arising. So be aware that we can be extra sensitive to others’ words and emotions especially if you are an empath. These energies will help you go deep into your psyche and harness your personal power of manifestation, by healing and releasing the stored cellular memories and emotions that have been trapped in the depths of your soul. We can break free from the self imposed chains by making the unconscious conscious, so we can embody our soul more fully through our body temple. The past can now be understood and communicated, (Mercury) discussed, and healed as we come to a deeper understanding of our shadow nature, bringing the body and mind into harmony. This full moon signals us to transform what we’ve held on to so tightly. Once in the light of day, our mind is able to free itself to new possibilities. Body centered therapies can help us release and integrate; a perfect time for massage, sound baths, chanting, breath work and emotional release work can help us facilitate this purging and integration. Once those things that have not been spoken, secrets held, judgements internalize, the shadow aspect of our psyche can be expressed. We are then liberated and can reform our sense of security, appreciation for our physical embodiment and experience emotional and physical wholeness. During this full moon we may come to a more soulful understanding that we are Divine Humans evolving through the emotional body so we may bring balance to the mind, body and spirit. Imagine all three co-existing in absolute balance, embodiment of the light of the soul, this is the blessing of the full moon.

Leti Stiles

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