• Leti Stiles

The Reckoning

This full moon is a convergence of several energies that bring more clarity and strong desire for action, change and perhaps a deeper understanding around the dynamic of relationships. Aries being a cardinal fire sign brings the full force energy of spring, a new beginning and call to adventure and action. The full moon in Libra at 29 degrees on the 19th of April will be the second full moon in Libra indicating completion of issues that were revealed in March or have come to light since. Venus spotlights completion and release at 29 degrees of Pisces as well as Moon in Libra and Sun in Aries opposing at 29 degrees. Once again emphasizing relationship and partnership at a crossroads.

We are living in a very powerful and potent time of deep transformation. The astrological landscape this month is full of activity, hard to keep up with, at times overwhelming. This month we are out of the fog and more clarity will be possible now that Mars is in Gemini and Mercury has made its way into Aries, the energy shifts and ideas are flowing, this is of course a welcome change. Many of us will feel energized by Aries, a fire sign and Mercury in an air sign. Mercury is out of its retrograde shadow period, and it makes an exact conjunction with Chiron at 3 degrees of Aries. While Pluto squares the moon, wow, this is intense alchemy, as it can bring up the old wounds to the surface that must be faced and transformed. All those dark places in our psyche and toxic dynamics that disempower are now in the full light to be reckon with. Venus will also conjunct Chiron in Aries a few days later, opening the way for deep conversation and dialogue, reconciliation and understanding of lessons learned and where adjustments are needed.

Major cycles are completing as Sun enters Taurus signaling a major shift. Aries gives us courage to face the wounds with more clarity and direction. Uranus brings a sense of urgent change and desire for liberation of limitations, yet in Taurus, this will require hard work and patience. The Sun will be conjunct Uranus and oppose the moon in Libra, so emotions may be unpredictable as well as the need to break free and go beyond limitations. Some may experience high drama with intensity around those things we are invested in and those things we are ready to change, especially that which is overdue or in need of radical change. On the lighter side of Taurus and Libra ruled by Venus may bring out the unbridle passion for union and sexual attraction will be strong, fueled by Aries' raw drive and desire. Spring fever will be felt during this time, along with the need for enjoyment of the physical and sensual pleasures and frolicking in nature.

This period is a recalibration, both on the collective and personal level. With Saturn and Pluto both in Capricorn getting ready to go retrograde by the end of the month, through the summer. We must reexamine and take a deeper look at those things that create suffering and go deeper to unearth patterns of behavior misaligned that prevent real growth. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are big players that will be very active all year round readying us for their triple conjunction on January 2020. This will impact us in the long run and the evidence of the “shift” will take time to manifest fully, but there is no doubt that Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are players in a big way that are already impacting the collective consciousness to face the past. We are in midst of a crisis in consciousness so ultimately, we can evolve and heal our planet. Both Saturn and Pluto are conjunct the south node in Capricorn as well as their own nodes, this is major, the south node emphasizing a reckoning and confronting of our dark past in which we have incurred karma that must come to balance. Pluto is the dark history of the misdeeds and misuse of power that is knocking at our door. Pluto the lord of the underworld, brings us face to face with our responsibility to transform by ending the deception, abuse of power and manipulation of the masses. While Saturn represents the matrix of our societal structures, it is calling us to mature and do the right thing, rebuilding a sustainable foundation that works for all of us. Jupiter represents our beliefs and desires for truth and justice. This period is a restructuring of our reality, healing and bringing balance to the divine masculine and the sacred feminine in each of us.

Leti Stiles

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