• Leti Stiles

Mystical Pisces Full Moon

It’s a very powerful moon on Friday the 13th, a very mystical number associated with the Sacred Feminine. The number 13th adds to the power of the full moon in Pisces, activating our emotional body and intuition, indicating our connection to ancient cycles of the Feminine. Mars and the Sun will be opposite Neptune bringing in a sort of idealism and energetic enthusiasm to take action. Although this is fantastic and positive energy, take time to ground this energy and don’t over estimate your actions. Jupiter and Neptune are again at their last and final square, they offer a reality check of sorts, as Jupiter rules the higher mind and search for higher truth, our beliefs . Neptune can bring compassion and spiritual idealism, as it rules agape love, fantasy, dreams and also delusion and deception. So if something seems to good to be true, be cautious.

We can enjoy the new softer and sweeter energies this weekend as Venus and Mercury will move into the sign of Libra rule by Venus, a time to be appreciative of the arts, express love and compassion to those close to us and we may feel more social. Venus in Libra highlights the essential needs of our body and Mercury in Libra reflects the mind, how we think and perceive the world. So this weekend is an ideal time to meet the fall season seeking balance and integration of body, mind and spirit. An ideal time to start a a cleanse, renew a spiritual and exercise practice, anything that supports and strengthens your body temple and pay attention to your dreams. So enjoy the Harvest full moon as it shines the powerful light of the Sacred Feminine which can bring in spiritual nurturing, divine inspiration and pleasure. Take time to go to a musical concert, participate in mindful activities and if so incline ritual and ceremony. Indeed a powerful time to be on this planet.

Leti Stiles

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