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Kazim Kiss - Sun and Mercury

This month has been packed with very powerful planetary action. This Piscean season is the ending of various cycles and the start of new ones. Therehas been a lot change and shifting this month as we navigate a potent Piscean season. We are at the half way point of Pisces (Neptune) and Mercury Rx energies. We may have been pulled inward, quieting the mind and thinking on more on an intuitive and non-linearly level; perhaps getting downloads, messages and inspirational insights. This month has brought an internal focus so to examine what is emerging from deep from the unconscious and subconscious realms. Mecury Rx helping us release stagnate energies, old ideas and outdated mental patterns. It’s as if we have are updating our thinking, tapping our psychic abilities and trusting more of our intuition and spiritual guidance.

This week Mercury is at a tight conjunction with the Sun and it will affect the mind to become more active, some of you may feel this much more strongly than other, depending on your charts. Mutable signs like, Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius may feel it more intensely. This energy may increase the experience of nervous tension, feeling a bit anxious, over thinking and over-analyzing, or having repetitive thoughts about issues that we feel uncertain about. Later on, the week, on March 14th Mercury and the Sun in Pisces will be at a full Kazim at 24º increasing mental activity, perhaps getting more clarity of as Mars in Taurus trines Saturn in Capricorn and lending support to feel more grounded, stable and practical working towards term results. These aspects bring support to complete things we may have started awhile back. Also helping us plan and progress with long-term goals in the area of career, finances, diet and physical body. This weekend is a perfect time to spend time in reflection and find inspiration to make positive changes in a measured manner as Jupiter will square Sun in Picses and Mercury on Friday. Jupiter brings expansion amisdt Mercury Rx, not a time for clarity and potential for wishful or grandiose thinking

This week through the 20this great time to for inner work, past life regression, hypnosis and artwork and grounding all the new ideas and insights we’ve gained so far in the month. As the internal changes begin to gel, the external changes will begin to show up this Spring. The Full moon a in Libra at 0º happening at the same time as the Spring Equinox in Aries 0º signals a very strong and potent new beginning. As you prepare to meet this full moon next, you can begin to evaluate where you needed support, set practical and measurable goals, prioritize and tend to what is worth-while in your personal and business relationships as this new cycle begins.

Leti Stiles

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