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Homeward Bound

The adventure begins with Mercury Rx, in the midst of great change we must pause and rethink, reconsider, review and reevaluate. As the eclipse season heats up and the world drama is on high gear, Cancerian energies pull us inward into our private thoughts and feelings about home, security and how to navigate a world of opposites colliding. Our tribal and familial lens is focused on what makes us feel at home, nurtured, safe and comfy. Yet the whirlwind of change has us clinging to the past that Saturn Pluto and South Node represent. The societal Matrix is now malfunctioning and the power structures decaying. Mercury is playing its role so we may carefully engage our mental and emotional intelligence. This upcoming eclipse opens the way for new ideas to come into our consciousness, a new vision and approach to the perceived challenges we face. It may feel a bit confusing and unclear what will emerge as we let go of the dead weight in our personal lives, let alone the world stage shenanigans we see daily. So we must slow down and evaluate our methods and motivations. Setting clear and immediate priorities must be made through the clarity of unity consciousness and returning to the feminine way to bring us into balance. This time of change is a long term affair as Saturn and Pluto’s orbits are slow. This gives us time to adjust and reimagine those areas of our lives that are being influenced by the cosmic evolution humanity is undergoing. Practicing mindful engagement is the key in these transformative times, calling us to examine the bigger picture and the consequences of our actions.

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Leti Stiles

Leti Stiles

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