• Leti Stiles

Healing Opportunity

The holidays are a time of the year when we have more demands of energy and money. How can we stay sane and enjoy the holidays and survive all these demands? You will find that the additional stress can be an opportunity to discover your limits and establish healthy boundaries, which may be easier said than done. The universe gives us signals and support IF we tap into the wisdom around us.

Today the energy will shift as the Moon enters Aries 0º and conjuncts Chiron 2º which indicates we may be more emotional and feeling higher levels of frustration or anger. The Sun 13º Sagittarius will square Neptune 15º in Pisces and the Moon will square Jupiter 0º in Capricorn, setting the stage for intense energies, like revving up our engines, ready to go. Venus 11º in Capricorn is in a sextile to Mars 11º in Scorpio, ignites our strong desire and nature to be on high gear. So stay aware that you may want to act on these impulses by shopping and interacting more sexually with the opposite sex. Caution, these energies can also fuel arguments and conflict. With Chiron, often comes, the gift of healing wounds from childhood and shifts in perception about how this wound has served us. All change and healing helps us throw off distortions we took on during trauma. So this is a great opportunity to delve into healing work.

Past wounds with past relationships can come into play with Chiron so active. The South Node and Mars are activated, so watch the aggression and projections. Venus conjuncts the South Node 9º in Capricorn, so unfinished financial and legal matters may come up for completion. An opportunity to clear the slate. We are being challenged emotionally with the Sun squaring Neptune and the Moon squaring Jupiter. Our sensitivities will be more acute and Jupiter can amplify things quite a bit, as its nature is to expand and magnify.

Neptune and Jupiter in the mix can bring a blurring of boundaries and a need to escape by over indulging, in shopping, and pleasure seeking activities to deal with the intensity of the Mars and Chiron conjunction. With the South Node involved, it can activate old unhealthy emotional patterns that sneak up on us. The South node in Capricorn can bring up the expectations around the family, our social sphere and financial responsibilities. We may be feeling strong obligation and pull to follow traditions that no longer feel true to us. So stay aware that these energies bring in the gift of having more compassion and optimism and an opportunity to rewire our response to all these stressors. We can do this by becoming more aware of our triggers and establishing healthier boundaries, seeking emotional support and exercising restraint in our tendencies to overreact or over indulge.

Stay aware, awake and sober by focusing on what truly matters to you and what is true for you. During this season, the pressure to fit in and over-stretch ourselves is very prevalent. Remember that we have the power to choose how we spend our time, money and energy. If you stay focused by holding a higher consciousness, it will be easier to offer love and support to those around us that are struggling with family drama, emotionally and financial stress the holidays bring. Shake of old patterns, know your limits and don’t get caught in the web of the ego or old beliefs that don’t support your growth and get ready for an amazing full moon in Gemini on 12/12 !🌙💫🌟

Leti Stiles

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