• Leti Stiles

Galactic Empowerment

During this week, we will experience a rare celestial and cosmic event, Venus and Jupiter are conjunct at the galactic center, 27 degrees of Sagittarius. This coincides with a new Jupiter, 12 year cycle. This is a beautiful happening in that it brings a harmonious and loving energy, a breakthrough that catapults us beyond limitation and restrictions. At the same time on November 19th, Mars, the planet of action entered Scorpio and opposed UranusRx , in Taurus, the planet of sudden change and rebelión. This opposition is more likely to shake things up, unearthing hidden truths and unexpected change, a reversal of fortune, sort of speak. UranusRx deconstructs reality to foster revolution of beliefs and new possibilities. Mercury the planet of communication and how we perceive our reality went direct on the 20th, opening the gates of communication to flow again.

We have a very dynamic sky, activating a deep shift in many areas of life. This alignment with the galactic center brings more spiritual light-codes, wisdom and love into the planet. It creates a bridge or portal into higher spiritual dimensions accelerating our evolution and activating the transformation of Gaia. These combined energies heighten our desire for positive and meaningful change, after a few weeks of reviewing our collective and personal subconscious terrain. This exploration into the depths of our collective emotional reality has helped us release old ideas and beliefs in order to welcome a new paradigm. The month of November has brought a more serious focus in areas of security, relationships, finances, global climate activity and our foundational structures that are collapsing. We have taken off the rose color glasses and have had a reality check. All this has been necessary in order to recalibrate a new direction. Jupiter in its home sign of Sagittarius conjuncts the galactic center offering us a tremendous boost of optimism and faith, as the energies are lighter and more jovial. Jupiter’s fires ignites our passion for what is to come in the new year. We can now travel a little lighter into December and enjoy life for a bit.

Now that Mercury is direct, our mind and spirit are open to new ideas and mental clarity is restored. Perhaps there is new a understanding and insights gained from the truth telling of this Scorpionic dive undertaken this month. We can begin to see the forest from the trees and have a better idea on how to proceed forward. Mars will be in Scorpio for about 8 weeks stimulating our passions, motivating us to go forward, forging ahead with a new strategy. Mars in Scorpio may helps us tap into our intuition, psychic energies and foresight into a possible future. UranusRx continues in retrograde until January 2020, restructuring areas that no longer bare fruit.

Venus will come into exact conjunction to the galactic center as she enters Capricorn on November 24th, on the heels of the new moon. Venus in Capricorn will give us the determination to work more steadily and diligently towards our dreams and goals. In this placement, Venus doesn’t do anything half way. She is on task and intents to climb the mountain and reach the top. We all can feel this dynamic change that is upon us as the universal winds propels into new horizons.

Leti Stiles

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