• Leti Stiles

Heart on Fire

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Are you feeling the energies streaming in? unleashing powerful events in our personal and collective lives. Solar winds and cosmic energies are carrying us out of old outdated timelines affecting the magnetic field. This new galactic year that started on July 26, has brought in new codes of light for us to utilize to dissolve all that stands in the way of our evolution. This includes ancestral patterns we have been carrying for eons of time. As an empath I feel it, I see it and I hear it from my clients. The past couple of nights I’ve had dreams that have been jarring. Streaming through me, the scenarios are chaotic disconnected scenes, feeling stress and anxiety. I woke up alarmed not understanding. In my morning meditation I asked to be shown what is going on, what these dreams mean. I was shown an unraveling of timelines shredding in the sky like ribbons, spinning energy chaotically dancing in the air, dissipating, evaporating from sight. The wisdom is not to get emotionally entangled with what needs to be released from our fields. The veil has been lifted and the truth is in plain sight. As we face old fear base ideologies, personal beliefs and ancestral wounds, we are moved to release them to welcome in the new. The Leo energies and the ripple effects of July’s eclipses are being felt strongly in the collective. We all feel the shift and are so ready for change. But we have not yet cross the Lions Gate point, that will help us align with the star Sirius that shines her wisdom and light upon us. Since Egyptian times this yearly occurrence has always signaled a fertile time of abundance and new beginnings. Each one of us has the opportunity to start a new, especially in areas of relationships, career, our home life and health. The outer world is reeling with great political chaos reflecting the collective current of change, and the deconstruction of societal stagnation.

August is a month of change and movement and we are experiencing a fire trine with Venus 14º and Sun16º in Leo trining Jupiter 14º in Sag, a wonderful opportunity this weekend to feel the playful energies that stimulate creative self-expression and appreciating others. Appreciate ourselves for the inner work these past months have demanded from us. These fire energies may give us the impetus to move more confidently towards our goals. Jupiter Rx (the planet of luck and optimism) will be going direct on August 11th, which is a momentous occurrence, this will propel us into positive action. While Neptune 18º Pisces square Jupiter 14º in Sag once again, continues to help us strip away the false ideals, the delusions and lies, some disappointment and disillusion may be felt as things we may have wish for don’t come to fruition. At the same time Uranus 6º Taurus the planet of unexpected change goes retrograde will help us break free. August 11th is a day in which the switch goes on with some intensity, shifting the energy into high gear. Mercury also ingresses back to Leo, sparking excitement and creative mental stimulation. Uranus can shake up things, bringing erupt changes and a desire for radical change NOW. It disrupts those areas we have been feeling stagnate or stuck, so we may be free and stimulate positive change. We can expect the unexpected, so prepare to go with the flow. Uranus will impact Taurus that governs over the financial markets, money, crops, climate, earth activity and our sense of security and comfort. Yet things may be a bit hazy on how to proceed, we have one foot in the old world and one in the new world. So, we must realize that alignment with the truth of who we are is a worthy focus rather than identifying with the world that is crumbling around us. Stay centered in your heart and open to receive illumination and inspiration about what you are committed to creating in your life. Later in the month Mars will be in conjunction with Sun and Venus, it will spark a more dynamic dance between the feminine and masculine. This Sun Venus and Mars conjunction in Leo, trines Jupiter, an auspicious energy of love, expansion, well-being. This is a harmonious influence activating our solar plexus (Sun) our sense of personal power and will, this will help integrate those things that have been discovered during the eclipses. Perhaps we will find the courage, conviction and vision we been seeking towards our life purpose. It’s a period of integration as well as deconstruction, reexamining our past (South Node in Saturn 15º Capricorn). We are amidst a deep metamorphosis to higher consciousness and embracing the potential of infinite possibilities, depending on your focus and actions. The North Node at 15º Cancer points us strongly into our future, a different paradigm is being establish with the Sacred Feminine leading the way. There is so much support this month to help integrate the highest truth of who we are, why we are here in this timeline. It may not be easy to hold steady while so much change and uncertainty is being felt by so many, however this Leo season is here to invigorate us with new found passion for what we value, for what we desire and for what is worth fighting for. It’s time to contribute your gifts and talents, bringing your unique creative expression center stage. We can turn this around by changing perspective. We must go higher and look at the bigger picture and nurture the hope that we are moving through an evolutionary ascension process. We are not alone, we may be standing at the precipice, but we will not fall as our wings our emerging. Cosmic and spiritual support is nearby to help us remember the power of love and unity consciousness. We are amidst a deep transformation that will take time to unfold throughout 2020 and beyond. As we cross the Lions Gate, let us remember to be authentic in our truth, stand in our power and face the new paradigm with spiritual resolve.

Leti Stiles

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