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Finding True North

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Finding Your True North

Eclipse season is upon us, July 2nd at 12:16 pm we will experience a North Node Solar eclipse in Cancer. The new moon will be in its own sign magnifying the cosmic energies. Eclipses are Cosmic accelerators to help us grow and evolve, collectively and individually. This eclipse is connected and foreshadows the great conjunction of January 2020, in essence it is preparing and widening its cope of influence. All eclipses generate long-term influences that reverberates from 6 months to 18 months. This is no exception. This eclipse axis works with the polarity of Capricorn and Cancer, Masculine and Feminine energies that shape our lives and condition of consciousness. Cancer is the mother womb of the moon that contains all our personal history through time and our personal emotional body. Capricorn on the other hand is the masculine principal ruled by Saturn, this planet conditions our societal matrix, it is responsible for bringing order to our earthly manifestations. These two energies are representative of the parental axis, where we come from, family and country of origin. Cancer is our private life, our family and home, while Capricorn represents the outer world, how we are seen and operate in the world. It represents all the structures that regulate our social function, business, career and the law. So, expect that these areas will be activated during the eclipse season.

The new moon is the energy for initiating new visions and goals. The fertility of this moon emphasizes new thinking and a new cycle of becoming. The Sun obscures the Moon, there might be lack of clarity or confusion to what is on the horizon. There might just be a gut feeling, an inkling of a desire, but not totally clear what and how we will get there. The emotions are highly charged, and the moon is an intuitive energy, so trust what you feel even if you are not certain. The potency of this celestial event highlights the importance of finding the still point within your own mind and emotional body.

PlutoRx, SaturnRx, JupiterRx and NeptuneRx, add a new dimension to this constellation of energies, having long and far reaching affect as their cycles take years to complete. Venus at 28º in Gemini and Mar at 0º in Leo will be at the opposite side of the Sun adding to the polarization between feminine and masculine themes. All these planets have travel through the galactic gateway 25-27degree of Sagittarius, indicating a tremendous global impact to our collective beliefs and consciousness. We have a great opportunity to expand beyond our consensus worldview and move forward into a future that is inclusive and humanitarian (north node in Cancer. ) The Sun will be conjunct at 11º degree conjunct the Moon in Caner with a wide conjunction to the North Node at 17º Cancer. SaturnRx and PlutoRx will also be conjunct the South Node in opposition to the Moon and Sun, heightening the tension. While JupiterRx16º Sag and NeptuneRx 18º will be at a square which focuses our attention to the distortions and deceptions of our leadership and abuse of power in politics, immigration and women’s reproductive rights. This leaves us to question the veracity of both our mundane and spiritual beliefs.

Are we compassionate enough to be inclusive and drop the fear base consciousness, can we engage in fair play to find solutions? These issues have been on going theme this year. NeptuneRx and JupiterRx will continue this dance most of the year, unmasking further the lies while Capricorn calling out the BS and self responsibility.

So, are we brave enough to leave what no longer serves us? This eclipse is pack-full of power to help us release dead weight, those things that definitely are no longer in alignment in our personal lives and our a collective good. We can take of leap forward with new intentions, thoughts in action. Because Mercury is close to its retrograde point in Leo joining Mars it will influence our thoughts, our desire to be seen, admired and take action. Caution, Leo and Mars with their firey nature may want to push and confront to be right regardless of timing or consequences.

With 6 planets in retrograde during eclipse season, it is wise to internally evaluate those areas that are activated in your chart. The answers to what gets activated, brought to light or up rooted may take time to unfold and bring resolution and understanding much later. So patience and mindfulness is golden.

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