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Fearless Faith 2020

Updated: Jan 22

Take the time to sit and align with the power of this Eclipse today on 1/10/2020 at 11:22 am. The energies Intensify through the weekend! The Full moon in its own sign of Cancer at 20 degrees conjuncts the North Node adding to the magnification. This full moon is followed by the Epic Conjunction of Saturn Pluto at 22 degrees of Capricorn on 1/12/2020, this energies will be quite active for a while. This weekend as the Eclipse energies are at its highest point, our collective awareness and consciousness is being upgraded and activated. Wake up to your self mastery !!

Certainly, can we all feel the shift and know that what is to come steers us into birthing a new reality in our planet. For this I am grateful. We are in the birth canal feeling the birthing pains and anticipation of birthing a new reality into 5D.

Do you see a pattern emerging ? 1.10.2020-11:22 - 1.11.2020 - 1.12.2020 the numerology tells us so much here, could this be code ?? The matrix recoding our reality, downloading new light codes to accelerate our cosmic evolution and become masters of our new reality.

The numerology is all about individual mastery as these dates have a repetition of 11 - 22 both master numbers. 11 is about spiritual mastery and 22 is about being master builders of reality. Both numbers add to 33, Master Teacher beyond 3D reality.


This year has started off with so much intensity and speed. We are at the precipice of epic change. The cosmic events of the past two weeks of the new decade have brought us to a new awareness, a crisis in consciousness. Our evolutionary path is on track, we can look forward to what is to come. This uncharted territory brings an abundance of opportunity to ascend to higher levels of consciousness so we can operate as sovereign beings. Forget the doom and gloom, focus on a bigger vision for this new decade and build a strong foundation for the new reality that is but a gleamer in your imagination, incubating the new earth. It will take hard work, commitment and perseverance, but Saturn and Pluto are assisting us, along with the other luminary planets this year. The big planets are starting new cycles that will impact our lives forever. Venus and Mars will be in their retrograde period and will be strong energies, propeling us to recalibrated our deepest values, our relationships and how we related to each other. Both Mars and Venus bring to the surface the inequalities and abuses of the Patriarchal distortions limiting our evolution. Mars will challenge us to reevaluate gun violence, war, toxic masculinity and the impact of this on our children. Venus, continues to spotlight the inequalities for women, the abuse, the corruption and no longer tolerating violations to the feminine.

There is so much happening at neck-breaking speed, Saturn and Pluto are not the fastest planets. Their cycles are long and generational in nature. Their impact ripples out for years changing the pysche of the collective. Hold onto the steadfast resolve of a Master that walks through the raging storms and find terra firma. We are facing an evolution through revolution of the soul. The world as we know it is changing rapidly. Despite those who are heavily invested in keeping the status quo, and are panicking, change is inevitable. Expect power grabs to increase and authoritarian control tactics and lawlessness as their last attempt to stay in power. The Geo-political landscape will escalate, with some civil unrest pushing for climate change reform, ideolilogical views on LGBTQ issues, immigrant rights and equal pay and so forth. 2020 is a game changer and its taking on us on a wild ride with plenty of twists and turns. Those in power will target anything that would stop or diminish their stronghold of power, dominance and greed. Uranus in Taurus will continue to bring our attention to climate change, our resources, our food and the technology that is rapidly changing how we do business, how we grow our food and our currency and financial markets. Uranus is the planet of sudden change and stimulates innovation, creativity as it remodels what is outdated. This brings abundant opportunities, experimentation and exploration of new frontiers and unpredictable events

The Media will be heavily used to distort the truth and it will be confusing to say the least. There will be a significant change on May 5th, the Nodal axis will change from south node in Capricorn - north node in Cancer to south node in Gemini and north node in Sagittarius. How will this impact us? Will it escalate the vitriol and distortions, lies and more corruption? It's will be up to us to discern the truth. With the nodal axis changing it will fuel the body politics as the presidential races begin to heat up. It will be up to us to stay awake and aware of the misinformation from the Corporate Media machine presenting us with political campaigns that distort the truth, aim to confuse and divide. The quest of figuring out the truth will be up to each person. The vitriol and unproductive division may continue, or it may open avenues to dialogue and find common ground.

With Saturn approaching Aquarius in March, the masses may reach a point of agitation, dissatisfaction with the potential for rebellion,and protests will be afoot with those that no longer accept the status quo. Jupiter will continue in Capricorn through the year emphasizing the pursuit of integrity, true leadership and universal truth. It will be a period of reconstruction and constriction in several fronts. Jupiter magnifies the breakdown of society, but also brings expansion of new structures to replace what Pluto has eliminated. The universe is assisting us evolve at warp speed demanding we become limber, agile and let go of what no longer is sustainable, tolerable, useful or fruitful.

A momentous conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn will occur on December 21st at 0 degrees of Aquarius. Chaos always precedes new growth, a new era, the beginning of the Age of Aquarius. There will be plenty of cosmic activity in 2020, the sky will be alive with 6 eclipses, 13 Full moons, and major conjuncts with Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter. So brothers and sister don’t go back to sleep. Invest in your networks of family, friends and your tribe. Pluto will remain in Capricorn for quite some time and it may stimulate fears as we bump against limitations without yet having a new foundation in place. During this time of reinvention, our society must find unity despite our differences. We may realize the counter-productiveness of exclusion and privilege. It is par for the course, that events beyond our control will occur, but remember, we have the power to deal with these changes, by staying open, flexible knowing we are ushering a new reality. It may visible in the horizon and we may not know what it looks like. However, Neptune can bring a new sensitivity and assist us gain a broader and more spiritual perspective. Have faith that there is unseen support for the change that is underway. This is a pivotal year and more than ever, we must work steadily building a foundation that is not based on lies, inequality and falsehoods. We have the opportunity to steer our own ship, yeah even in stormy waters. The planets are supporting our soul's evolution as they bring us to a higher consciousness and evolutionary leap. We are the Masters of the universe and it is up to us to navigate this period with fearless faith and self responsibility.

Leti Stiles

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