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Emotion Roller Coaster Ride

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

We are now officially in the pre-shadow of Mercury Rx in Cancer. Retrograde period starting July 7 through August 2nd, post shadow phase until August 11th. Mercury ingress Leo today, along with the Moon in Aries squaring Mars, Saturn and Pluto all in Cancer adding high drama and charging the emotional field of our collective and emotional body. This period will heightening our emotional needs and intuitive sensitivities as we continue to have our focus in Cancerian themes. This more likely can trigger strong emotions. Feeling, irritable, ill-tempered, and frustrated during this period is par for the course as Mercury Rx accentuates areas of communication, technology, our thought process and travel. Mercury is coming into a conjunction with Mars in Leo which adds to the tensions, feelings of impatience and needing to be heard and being right. Be cautious driving and operating equipment, this energy makes us prone to accidents. This also can show up as overreacting to situations, aggressive actions, being argumentative, getting into heated discussion and pushing one’s point of view. On a positive note this energy pushes us forward and increases our self confidence in the coming days as Mars leaves Cancer entering fiery Leo. We will feel more in the mood to play and have fun, and be more physical, being out and about, yeah! This is summer time, when we are outdoor exploring and playing. Mars in Leo, a fixed sign, will leave behind Cancers’ moodiness, oversensitivity and indecisiveness; instead stimulating our inner child that wants to be appreciated and loved for its unique creative expression. This combination of energies can result in power plays, temper tantrums, demanding and pouting if feeling unloved, underappreciated and if such needs are stifled, or not met. Mars in Leo fosters our ability to be more open to laugh and lighten up. Cancer offers the opportunity for self-love through taking care of our-selves first and finding balance by meeting our needs first and dropping expectations.

On the other hand, we are moving into eclipse season on July 2nd with a New moon in Cancer supercharging the collective field. With the Moon in its own sign it gives us the ability to initiate new ideas and set new intentions. As with all new moons we can look to our natal moon to help us dial in those areas that will be affected, needing our attention. This is a very fertile time in which the womb of the feminine is ripened, bringing our attention to those deep needs and feelings about our home, our love ones and finding stability in the midst of the madness of the outer world. The new and full moon eclipses will have great impact on our personal lives. There is an 18.5-year completion that will be occurring during this time, so you might reflect back to 2000-2001. Are there similar themes, and patterns that are repeating, completing?

This is an ideal time to reset and unplug in order to find balance, rejuvenation and reset our thoughts, actions and focus. It is important to know we can navigate these rough waters by staying awake, aware, and alert. Don’t repress your feelings, deny your intuitive insights, listen to your gut, and watch out not to overreact. Don’t let your inner child run the show.

As if this is not enough, Pluto and Saturn are conjuncting the South Node in Capricorn adding to a complex constellation of energies that have to do with the past. Pluto demanding, we clear out the closet, handle outstanding debts, and get rid of what no longer fits us. Saturn is methodically bringing up to the surface, fears, guilt and grief for release. We must lighten up the emotional body. The energies are optimal for healing and transformation in order to go forward into our future. All that weighs us down can be released because it is no longer valid the new reality we are creating. Neptune and Jupiter this year lend powerful energies that help us look at the bigger picture and give us spiritual support as the world around us morphs in and out a maddening rhythm of transformation. The world stage amplifies the chaos, but if you focus inward you will find the still point. We are undergoing a maturation process in which we must take responsibility, re-imagine our identity as a country, as a generation, and in our personal lives. We can tap into the Father/Mother/God wisdom available in Capricorn and the tender loving care and unconditional love of Cancer. Saturn and Pluto will continue to deconstruct our current reality, but we can choose to reclaim our power, re-imagine and re-engineer our future (North Node in Cancer) going into new world of unity consciousness.

Leti Stiles

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