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Deep Waters

New Moon overview 🌙✨💫❤️

Sun enters Scorpio 10/23

As we approach the New Moon in Scorpio 4° on October 28th, we certainly can feel what is emerging, the change of seasons can be felt in our bones. Scorpio attunes us to what is beneath the surface in the darkness and depth of the subconscious and soul levels. We are inching our way to the end of the year and the closing out of a decade. As we entry the depths of Scorpio, we are invited to connect with the interior and more intimates aspects of ourselves. We may feel a strong emotional pull to dig deep into the subconscious to purge ancestral and familial patterns that prevent us from moving towards those things that really matter to us. These past months, many of us have found some clarity in what no longer sustain us. Scorpio energy helps us raise above the egoic needs. We have the opportunity to awaken from the darker side of our egoic existence and leave behind our need to manipulate, control and posses to feel secure. Pluto the lord of the underworld rules Scorpio and he has been very busy since 2008 restructuring our reality and the societal and cultural landscape. We can feel the collapse and decaying world that no longer can thrive. This period will require a willingness to purge old material, clear out stagnate emotions and shake off others’ energies we have absorbed that weighs us down. This will enable us to transform by transmuting the compost of the past, the disappointments in our jobs, our relationships with friends, old lovers, and perhaps end old contracts. UranusRx in Taurus 4° forces a confrontation to crack us open to a deeper level, as UranusRx opposes the new Moon and Sun in Scorpio, so we can discover deeper truths held in our emotional body beneath the surface. This is an opportunity to cut loose from the ties that binds us to the past and all its ghost. UranusRx can suddenly and abruptly end those things that we are so attached to that prevent us from the freedom and deeper realities we seek.

The entire year we have had Jupiter and Neptune examining our beliefs, dissolving what is false, where we have been in denial, or where we have been lied too. The last quarter square between these two will occur after the new moon, bringing more clarity so we can rise out of the dark murky waters. As this new moon illuminates the deeper dynamics that must be dealt with in our personal relationships. Chiron 2° in Aries “the wounded healer” will be at 150° inconjunct with the Sun and the Moon, this will open us to find the courage and strength to heal and confront inner and outer conflict. Chiron in Aries calls us to heal the frustration, anger or conflict that arises from this purging process and the pain of resisting change. These energies offers liberation from the pain of holding on to unhealed wounds, or situations and relationships that no longer work anymore. Mars 15° in Libra adds a restlessness and lack of patience and diplomacy. Mars is also confronted by opposing energies from Saturn 11° and Pluto 14° in Capricorn along with the South Node 10° (ruling past karma). There may be a strong impulse to move forcefully, but some self-doubt and insecurity may arise as a sense of impotence can be felt because things are not moving fast enough. These outside forces curtails Mars’ impulse to forge ahead, however negotiating with others, tempering one’s opinions will serve us better. This is not a time to push or impose ones will as action is thwart by things and people out of our control, it best to be more open to others’ point of view. Venus at 24° Scorpio is conjunct Mercury 26° in Libra, are in mutual reception as Mercury gets ready to retrograde from October 31st until November 20th. These two will have us reexamining and feeling more intensely about how to feel empowered and rise above the fray. Deep transformation is possible despite the challenges and like a Phoenix we can rise from the ashes. These energies are supporting us to find the emotional truth so we can heal and integrate new aspects of our souls expression. Mercury’s keen perception will assist us to investigate the heavy price of co-dependency, the imbalance of power dynamics and petty jealousies. We can emerge wiser and lighter as we release karmic debts and patterns and clear our emotional and psychic bodies. This may inspire us to do inner work, past life regression, shamanic and body work, as our psychic and intuition sensitivities will be heighten. There is a great opportunity to settle old conflicts between those close to us and don’t be surprise if old friends and lovers from the past emerge.

This year has been about tremendous change, letting go, and uncovering the essential truth about our world. We have come face to face with our limitations and what stands in our way to what really matters. This year has been setting the tone for January 11, 2020, the great conjunction of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter along with Sun, Moon and Mercury in Capricorn and a Lunar eclipse! So, during the last months of the year and decade we have a great opportunity to have a breakthrough so we may travel lighter next year, ready and prepared for what is to come. We can end the year, wiser with a stronger determination of creating the life we deserve.

Leti Stiles

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