• Leti Stiles

Culmination Point

The Moon energies have been off the charts ! The intensity will continue, culminating with the last Solar New Moon Eclipse of the decade on Christmas! This Moon has brought a new consciousness to our collective and the cosmic energies are pouring in to help us see with clarity what as been hidden or denied. We are anchoring Christ Consciousness and the Sacred Feminine as 3D realities as more people wake up. The celestial energies have been electrifying and stimulating us. We can feel the stream flowing again, and our minds are more awake!

Friday the 13th is associated with the a Sacred Feminine and the full moon today is in Cancer conjunct the South Node. This May bring up some nostalgia around family and home. With a grand water trine configuration, the energies may stimulate and amplify our emotional nature. Along with Chiron that just went direct yesterday, showing us how much we have healed this year. So be mindful of those tender spots that can come up this weekend especially as the holiday festivities are in full gear. Today, is a wonderful day to honor your feelings, go with the flow and continue to release the past, hurts, disappointments and make amends wherever possible. It’s a perfect day to offer your soul loving-kindness as well as to others.

This Full moon in Gemini has brought us the stark contrast of two realities, the polarization that is happening in our world. You must decide which one you will focus on. The one crumbling or the one emerging? The Higher mind of Sagittarius and the curiosity of the Gemini mind is helping us access our co-creative capacity by tapping into the wisdom we’ve gained this year. A greater analysis of what has been happening in our world is possible if we have been willing to see the truth. Our collective intentions are paramount in order to turbo-charger the future we choose to create together.

Happy Friday the 13th!

Leti Stiles

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