• Leti Stiles

Cosmic Revolution

Yes, its intense, new light codes are coming, and the stars and planets are guiding us from old energies to new horizons. Never before in our life time have weparticipated in this type of rapid evolution or might I say Cosmic Revolution! The decaying system is resisting and pulling all the power plays possible. This chaotic time of great change accentuates socioeconomic polarization at all levels, leaving us feeling vulnerable and uncertain. This is designed to have us conform believing we have no power or rebel against the system to gain power. The premise here is we have no power, the ultimate lie. Instead we can surrender to this wave of evolution that cannot be stopped by aligning ourselves to the power of unity consciousness. We can envision a better world as we birth the new consciousness that is more inclusive, or we can choose to continue to buy into a disempowering consciousness of separation, fear and dominance. The planets show us the reality of what we have collectively chosen to create over the past thousands of years of hierarchical oppression. We are at the crossroads as a generation; we as a human family have an opportunity to heal ancestral beliefs and conditioning that blocks our liberation. The North node in Cancer highlights our innate desire for kinship, caring, empathy and compassion. The Cancerian gift is our ability to use our emotional intelligence to nurture and care for one another, protecting of our home turf and love ones. Neptune’s influence will have us swimming in the emotional waters and increasing our awareness of our Oneness. While Mercury conjuncts Mars, our desire to communicate our feelings and needs will be heighten, but we must be cautious not to impulsively demand, blurt out or speak abruptly out of turn. We may act harshly in airing our grievances too quickly without thinking through the impact of our words and actions. The tendency of Mars in Cancer can be frustration of not being able to assert themselves or to clearly communicate needs and desires.

The upcoming eclipse energies will be assisting us in breaking down this polarization and to find the zero point so we can reset a new course. We are faced with releasing dead weight in our lives, our beliefs, our wounds and distortions. So many of us are experiencing big changes, needing to recalibrate and adjust priorities in a variety of areas. All in all, we must look towards the horizon together and anchor a common vision. This Solstice is a powerful portal to make that leap into a new consciousness and vision. Let us step into what can be built instead of fighting what is failing. There is no magic bullet here, however, we must start by energetically raising the frequency collectively knowing that by doing this our brothers and sisters that are asleep can awaken. As we rise in love, we can drop judgment and limitations by soberly taking responsibility to bring equilibrium to the karma we have created. This part is being willing to bathe in the light of truth and forgiveness, Neptune/Jupiter. This is the bridge we need to cross together. The might of the eclipse energies will magnify the ripples into the holographic field affecting the timeline acceleration depending on the collective consciousness we anchor.

This Solstice marks the beginning of the summer season with the Sun in Cancer attuning us to our lunar sensitivity and the moon in Aquarius emphasizing a more humanitarian approach. Neptune and Jupiter will be squaring at the same time that Neptune retrogrades on the Solstice. In the coming months, we may feel that our faith is being tested, questioning the veracity of what we believe to be true, what we have relied on, yet not having full clarity of what is around the corner. Neptune will bring a softening of the energies, pulling us into a more introspective mood along with Cancer’s need to retreat into its shell. There will be six planets in retrograde in the water element in July as the eclipse season is in full swing. It is a good time to go inward, to redefine, recalibrate and find some respite with close intimate family and friends. Re-establishing our emotional connections and new boundaries in our lives will serve us well as we navigate the waters of change into the end of the year. Because the water element is so strong at the time of the Solstice, these energies will amplify our emotional and intuitive nature, making us more receptive to change. The emotional body will be more active, perhaps needing more rest, nurturing and down time. So, as we step into this Solstice and the first eclipse on July 2nd, we step into a deeper awareness of our emotional need for safety connection and nurturing. July will be a month of adjustment and breakthroughs. Our intuitive sensitivities may be heighten as our perceptions will call for our words and actions to be in alignment to what we commit to. The Nodal axis (Capricorn/Cancer) triggers matters between the masculine and feminine; past psychological and entrenched patterning that must be eliminated in order to find common ground and balance. There is a highly concentration constellation of energy as Pluto Rx, SaturnRx and the South node in Capricorn will oppose Mars, Mercury and the North node in Cancer. This activates the Parental/Ancestral axis increasing the energies of self-responsibility, right action and transformation, inviting us to resolve and release old power dynamic, letting go of co-dependent and destructive patterns that keep us stuck in the loop of ego polarization, abuse of power and abdication of responsibility. There is a sharp focus in this opposition of the Nodes, Mars triggers SaturnRx, and PlutoRx as they too are in a conjunction to their own nodes, doubling the power of transmutation, transformation and formulation of new structures. We are facing the collective shadow of blind ambition, greed and the grave consequences of institutionalized abuses that are no longer tolerable. Can this confrontation be met courageously with minimal volatility and violence ? How can we heal and claim true power ? How can we adopt new values and shift into that new vision? These are the questions and hopefully answers that will emerge in the months to come. However, we will be supported to choose self-governance through emotional self-sufficiency, maturity, and unity consciousness by acting in accordance to what is best for all and releasing old ego distortions of power. A powerful time indeed!! that is not isolated to a few months, these energies are ongoing carried forward into 2020 and beyond

Leti Stiles

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