• Leti Stiles

Celestial Parade

The Virgo Celestial parade continues and there is a heavy Virgo energy at play this week, which may have us knee deep into work and tending to the details of life. So its important not to loose sight of the bigger picture of your goals, especially if its still unfolding. With Mars and Sun in Virgo conjunct and opposing Neptune in Pisces, there is a sense of hitting our limits and yet pushing beyond them at the same time. With Neptune opposing the Sun and Mars it may feel like you have one foot in this world and the other in another dimension. Neptune rules all things spiritual and intangible energies of dreams, fantasy and the vast and boundless ocean of possibilities. We need to anchor our dreams into this dimension and take action to bring them into form. Virgo gives us the step by step manual, but the timing may be off, so we must loosen our grip. All the doing for sake of doing without the bigger vision and forging ahead diligently will only overwhelm us. We are walking between worlds, with the impulse to be productive and tending to our responsibilities and at the same time wanting to zone out. The trick is knowing when to push and when to go with the flow. Realizing that when we take the path of least resistance, things can be accomplished with more ease and grace, "we let god lead". Taking inspired action will serve us best and relieve us from the Virgo tendencies of die hard perfection. With Mars and Sun in Trine with SaturnRx and South Node in Capricorn we may have a more serious outlook. These energies may demand our attention and action in areas we've may have neglected, like finances, health, home, self care needs and that which has been neglected.

Yes, it's all about Adulting and as Neptune and Jupiter continue their square dancing, this may feel wobbly in our reality as the ground is shifting and we are pondering what is no longer sustainable. We are adjusting to all the changes this fall season ushers in. By the end of the week the full moon in Pisces brings a welcome break. Mercury and Venus in the last degrees of Virgo will ingress into Libra giving us a reprieve from mental focus, analysis and work. This will be a great time to do some physical activity that brings you joy and pleasure, like dancing, yoga, or taking a nice hike. It is also a good time to leave your computer and socialize, give attention to your love ones, enjoy the beauty of nature or go to a concert or a museum and appreciate art. Adulting does not have to be all work and no play. Libra helps us seek balance and Virgo is looking for the best possible way to be of service and be helpful. May this time serve you well as your mastery unfolds and you embrace the changes of the seasons in your life.

Leti Stiles

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