• Leti Stiles

Breakdown to Breakthru

Updated: May 5, 2019

Happy new Moon in Taurus, what is ahead this month is more change but not as fast. The new moon sets the tone, Breakdown, Breakthrough, Tune-in. As Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter are retrograde through the summer, the breaking down of how we have known reality continues because we are searching for the truth and transformation is inevitable at this point of our evolution. Expect to see more of the world politics escalate and reveal more corruption and abuse of power; with Chiron in Aries it also brings out the public’s unrest and discontent as more political shenanigans come to light. Uranus in Taurus brings us back into the reality with unexpected events in our of physical reality. Venus rules Taurus expanding our awareness to our body and nature, so we may slow down and enjoy the bounty of Mother Earth. Venus reminds us to value and love ourselves by reconnecting to our playful physical sensual side and the simple things that renews our sense of joy and pleasure. Mars in Gemini brings a firey determination to move forward towards our goals and Mercury moving rapidly through Aries soon goes into Taurus and conjuncts Uranus by May 7th, adding to mental stimulation, in part these planets may bring impatience and strong desires. These two planets show up as wanting to act without looking at the whole picture. So step back at and impulsive moments that may arise. The retrograde planets are bringing up the past and karmic consequences of long ago to the table to be cleared. This week as Saturn conjuncts the South node with Pluto also conjunct, it brings repressed memories and the karmic past of our ancestral line into focus for us to heal for once and for all. These patterns that were handed down through our familial roots and karmic past lives can create a crisis in consciousness, at times leaving us feeling heavy, confused. Yet the planetary energies are also supporting a Breakthrough in areas that we are attached to help us discover new ways to adapt to changes in our finances, relationship values , earthly resources, our sense of security and certainty of the future. This is when Tuning-in is essential because as we purge, (because this is what retrogrades bring), we have to dig deep to discover what is important and essential in our relationships, our jobs, children etc. So listen deeply to your body, evaluate what you value. This month is a good time to slow down, reconnect the mind body connection and contemplate deeply what matters and follow your heart as the changes and surprises roll in. Find your terra firma and tend to it because this will sustain you through all that is ahead in this time of the great shift.

Leti Stiles

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