• Leti Stiles

A Virgo Parade

As the month of September gets started and the summer energies are wrapping up, we are feeling a shift of our focus and attention. This month is an active month with much planetary activity with a very heavy emphasis on Virgo energies. There are new codes of light with an influx of solar storms and cosmic energies imprinting new patterns and energy upgrades. There is a concentration of personal planets that are now in Virgo conjunction, Sun 10º, Mars 11º and Mercury 11º and Venus 17º, along with 7 planets in earth signs signaling us to get back to basics and roll up our sleeves. We are amidst Virgo season, the most pragmatic and practical sign ruled by Mercury, a sign that rules the analytical function of the mind, it dissects and refines what it focuses on. The month starts with a new moon indicating the beginning of a new cycle with many changes, activations and integration. We have come through the other side of the eclipse season and over the past week Uranus has brought many insights and perhaps sudden change as it trine and aspected these personal planets, giving us an opportunity to move forward with new insights and liberating outdated aspects of our lives, assisting us in purging and releasing stagnation. During this month there is a kind of parade in Virgo; Mars, Venus, Mercury and Sun all trine and square Neptune, Jupiter, SaturnRx and Pluto Rx throughout the month. All this activity points to a fork in the road. Jupiter and Neptune square has been very active all year challenging our perception, questioning our beliefs, others motives, and how do we go from here to there when the path is not fully visible ? The month is heavy with change that will bring significant changes and movement toward reconfiguring our thought patterns, our actions, and objectives in many areas of our lives. These energies will catapult us forward to examine how we think, how we communicate, what actions we need to take, and how our roles are needing a change, adjustment and improvement. Virgo is assisting us to get back to the nitty gritty of our lives, “ back to school” is such an appropriate slogan for this time of year. As the kids return to school and we reprioritize the day to day, getting back to the business of reality, Virgos domain. The month of September is also when we shift in to the fall season and our bodies will require attention, as well as re-examining what needs realignment in our diet, work, relationships and finances. Pay attention to your daily environment and routine , as you may find that things around the house need repair or maintenance. This coming week you will begin to notice a stronger need to focus your attention on how to take action, thinking through the details, strategizing on how to improve functions in your work, home, health and self-improvement. From September 4th through September 16th, the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Venus will work in concert helping us to get our affairs in order, organize and find a clear path to move forward, improving and refining what might have been neglected that demands attention. By September 7th, Sun 14º, Mercury 17º, and Mars 12º will be in a tight T Square with Jupiter 14º in Sag and Neptune 17º in Pisces, this may challenge us to find our way through conflicting information or unreliable data and there can be potential misunderstandings and confusion. A sense of overwhelm can percolate, so manage expectations as the Virgo tendency is to scrutinize every detail and come across as pessimistic, and problematic. Mercury will break away. As it moves faster ahead and into a trine with Pluto 20º in Capricorn by Sept 9th, penetrating beyond the surface and the analytical mind is at its best.

During this time one may find a determination to get to the bottom of things and breakthrough new ideas or alternatives to solve issues or improve processes. Mars will trines Saturn on Sept 11th, and Squares Neptune17º and Jupiter 14 º it is important to be mindful with our actions and words during this transit. Neptune can bring a blanket of fog, bringing confusion or lack of clarity which can make Mars feel thwart and frustrated, wanting to plough ahead. During this intense week your editor and critic will be on overdrive pushing to get everything right, remember, slow and steady, baby steps and staying aware of the bigger picture will be helpful. Virgo, after all is a task master and all the personal planets will be “square dancing” throughout the month. Don’t get lost in the forest! Saturn will bring more discernment as we do our due diligence, so take it one day at a time. By the time the Full moon in Pisces comes around it, will be conjunct to Neptune 17º in Pisces on the 13th. Pluto 20º in Capricorn will be in a harmonious sextile with the Moon deepening feelings of healing and compassion and seriously pondering life purpose. This energy will help us tap into conscious and compassionate action, reminding us of the higher expression of Virgo and Pisces selfless service to others. This will be a wonderful reprieve from so much focus and mental analysis.

During the Full moon Mercury 0º and Venus 0º will ingress into Libra bringing a softer energy, a period of grace, reminding us to enjoy the beauty around us. It will feel like a good time to take a break and be more social, engaging in meaningful conversation, doing something you love will recharge you. The Libra energy always brings diplomacy to our interactions to help us find balance and harmony with others. Chiron at 4º Aries will be opposite Venus 0º and Mercury 0º in Libra making it easier for us to listen to each other and find resolution to conflicts and miscommunication. Perhaps paving the way to having a much needed conversation with close friends and family around healing of past wounds or hurt feelings and misunderstandings. This period will offer some grace so we can continue in our journey of personal growth and service. As the month advances, SaturnRx 14º will station direct on the 18th, bringing forth a more serious and mature tone so we may take a deeper dive into what we are responsible for, what we are committing too and what adjustment must be made. As Saturn goes direct it will bring momentum towards some significant changes around our power and mastery. This period may bring us to better a understanding of what we must m to do for ourselves and what we are responsible for and committed to do, as well as, what we no longer want to do any more. After mid-month we are leading up to the Fall Equinox, and may feel a more pronounced shift in our direction and focus. What are you making commitments to? what have you learned since April of this year and what must you do to upgrade your, health, your service to others, what changes are you making ? Virgo seeks too perfect itself and deepen relationships with our body, mind and spirit. This month gives us plenty of opportunities to find direction and focus.

Leti Stiles

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