• Leti Stiles

A Leap Forward and Beyond

The Full Moon at 22º Aquarius on August 15th @11:30 am, gives us the opportunity to objectively see what is coming into focus. The Sun and Venus will be at an exact conjunction at 22º Leo. Venus and Leo will have us exploring those new aspects we are discovering about ourselves. The Sun in Leo points to our personality and what we value and love in ourselves. How are you fairing in your self-development and life’s direction ? What aspects of your personality are undergoing deep changes? How will you share your talents and abilities with the world? This full moon can help us integrate that which is emerging and has been stimulated in the past couple of months. The Sun in Leo is about individuation, self-development and personal growth. How do we fit in the world, how will our uniqueness be expressed and received? The Sun in Leo opposing the full moon in Aquarius, is asking us to consider the bigger picture, a broader and a more inclusive perspective. Leo tends to be self-absorbed and may at times be too self-involved. This Aquarian energy is asking that we expand beyond our own self-interest and to take into account the bigger picture, to be part of something bigger than ourselves. The sphere of influence of our self-expression is undergoing a radical change. Areas that may be affected during this period will depend on your birth chart. Locate those in your chart that correspond to 18º - 25º Leo. Generally speaking, areas that may be impacted are career, life purpose, self-worth and personal achievement. We are navigating through unknown territory meeting new aspects of our ever-evolving self.

On August 11th, same day that Jupiter 14º stations directly, Mercury 4º in Leo leaves its shadow period and squares Uranus 6º of Taurus, giving us a push to think outside the box, to think bigger and outside of your comfort zone, to perhaps expand your vision into unknown territories. This connection between Mercury and Uranus can bring sudden insights, out of the blue ideas and open us up to possibilities we had not yet seen. Another dynamic that adds some tension to the mix is the quincunx between Venus and Sun in Leo 22º and Pluto 21º in Capricorn. This energy requires adjustment and some discomfort creating dynamic tension. A quincunx between two planets makes it a bit challenging to reconcile the difference in the dynamics of two distinct energies. Pluto in Capricorn may have us questioning ourselves, unearthing fears and doubts, the logic and viability of our desires, and how it all will work out. Some self-doubt and second guessing may creep up. Uranus is urging our personality to go outside of its comfort zone and Pluto has us deeply examining the rationale and how it will all happen. Pluto is an evolutionary force that instigates change and gives way to what has died. Forcing us to let go of those plans, ideas and projects that do not cut the muster. Venus is closer to the Sun, and by Wednesday will be in a Cazimi kiss with the Sun bringing to the forefront, how we love, what we hold close to our hearts and our passion in our relationships. Venus in this position shines good fortune and brings beauty, appreciation and love. This Full moon is about individuating beyond our personal world. The Aquarian mind set aims to illuminate and animate new thoughts, ideas and insights, specifically how we can contribute to the collective humanitarian vision. It is vital that we breathe through the discomfort, make necessary adjustments and allow ourselves to not know the “how” and have faith that the way will be revealed. Each one of us has a piece of the puzzle. In weeks ahead, we will move closer to Virgo season, the how and the road map on how to give form to our new vision, plans and projects will be clearer. Events will unfold to expand our awareness and consciousness to a more humanitarian approach.

Leti Stiles

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