• Leti Stiles

A Breath of Fresh Air

How did we fair in the Neptunian soup this month? As we come to the home stretch this month, Mercury will end its retrograde on Thursday. As it stations to go direct, communications can still be sketchy and unclear, some plans not fully formed. We may be ready to be out of its influence, but, not so fast, Mercury will continue to be in Pisces and we will be in its shadow until April 15th. The good news this week, is that Venus ingresses into Pisces on the 26th a place Venus is exalted. Mars trines the Moon in Capricorn on Friday motivating us to complete projects. Mars gets ready to ingress into Gemini this weekend with the Moon in Aquarius, stimulating the mind in taking more decisive action, but we may not have the complete picture. Don’t let that frustrate you. The New Moon in April 5th in Aries will bring more clarity for new beginnings. Venus is a breath of fresh air, an energy in which we want to bask in. Venus will be in Pisces March 26th through April 20th, she brings her grace of love, beauty, appreciation and romance. Under her influence in Pisces, we may put on a rose color glasses. She brings a sense of harmony and desire to work things out in the relationships and partnerships we have been working on during these past few months. This is a good time for reconciliation and reunions, resetting new dynamics in these partnerships . Venus brings enjoyment of music, dance, art and the finer things of life we enjoy. This is a good time for beauty make-overs and beautifying our surroundings. We end the month with some motivation to start fresh; Neptune, Venus, Mercury in Pisces gives us the ability to finally surrender and let go so we may start fresh in April. During this month we may have gained a more spiritual perspective that enables us to extend compassion, forgiveness and increase our sensibilities for our own pain and suffering so we can to let go of past hurts Chiron has revealed thus month. Aries energies will give us the courage and motivation to begin a new healing journey

Leti Stiles

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