Evolutionary Astrology

Evolutionary Astrology is a method that has a depth of analysis that peers into the soul's evolution by examining the cycles of the planets, m00n's nodal axis and the evolving consciousness of the soul.  Pluto in particular symbolizes the soul's intention to reincarnate and the soul's progression.  Jeffrey Wolf Green, the founder of this method, established the core principles of EA by synthesizing the complexity of consciousness with the cycles of the planets and natural law.   Through observation and correlation within natural law, and the EA method each chart is very specific and uniquely interpreted. Unlike the traditional astrology, EA reveals the full spectrum of the soul's evolutionary path, past dynamics, present circumstance and  the soul's future potential.

This method of astrology is soul centric, and like an astrological map guides and helps us uncover the soul's prior lifetime desires, karmic imprints and lessons to be completed. The nodal axis of the moon's position unlockspivotal information in ones chart that illuminates past incarnation, unresolved patterns and the potential for the souls growth towards evolution in this lifetime.  

This method offers a holistic approach to guide you into aligning with your life's work, give you direction, resolve life-long conflicts and return to the harmony of the natural cycles of change, growth and rebirth.  

Leti Stiles

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