Navigating The Gateway to Freedom

This gathering is design with the highest intentions to serve and hold divine light so we may be guided into transformation.


This is a very special evening with Leti and Annie. They will be creating a portal of understanding of the current eclipse energies we are experiencing. This experiential evening will include a short astrological review, a guided meditation and tapping into the wisdom of the akashic records facilitated by Annie, to assist each participant to receive guidance during this potent time of activation and transformation.


During this time of great change receiving guidance and widening our perspective will assist us to Let go of what no longer supports us,adjust to what is transpiring with the alchemical process of this eclipse season and open ourselves to invite new vision that is waiting for us on the other side.


Please register, Please send PayPal Payment


Venmo Leti-Stiles


$40, limited space, we expect this event to sell out.


Leti Stiles

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