As an Evolutionary Astrologer and Coach Leti offers you a dynamic perspective about the meaning of your life,  your true potential and how to resolve karmic imprints.


Leti utilizes your natal astrology chart to identify core dynamics within yourself by using EA principals.  This in-depth view of your life can then be applied to areas of concerns or questions you may have.  The guidance and wisdom that a reading with Leti can lead you to a better understanding of the opportunities for growth, life direction and healing in your soul's journey.  In this way your natal chart can empower your choices and help you transform your life experience in a way that can be profoundly illuminating and life changing.

Readings are a shared process, your life experiences, questions and perspectives are combined with Leti's understanding of the deeper dynamics of life that comes from years of experience as an Intuitive, Hypnotherapist, Coach and Evolutionary Astrologer. 


My passion and joy is to be your guide to understand and maximize your journey on this plane. As an evolutionary astrologer I will assist you  to discover the journey your soul chose in this lifetime and the best way to navigate your evolution in a practical and insightful manner.   Charts are not static, they reflect life and the movement of your soul's progress.  Your Natal chart offers you resolution of karmic overtones, life patterns, unfinished business and what is possible for you in this lifetime.

It is my desire to assist you gain clarity, bring deeper understanding of the consciousness of your soul's evolutionary state, so you may be inspired and empowered in your life choices and direction.



Just finished my astrology reading with Leti and all I can say is WOW! She gave me many insights into my lives past and current. It helped me get clarity on how to move forward and use my chart and personality to my advantage.Thanks again Leti you are amazing!

Shaman Isabella

My experience with this reading was insightful & transformative in so many ways.  I am grateful to have received such powerful guidance and clarity in this session with Leti.  This is my first exposure to Evolutionary Astrology and I was blown away at the accuracy.   I will utilize the insights and deep understanding to make better decisions with my relationships. This was a experience that wowed me, Leti's ability to pinpoint key information in so many areas of my life was mind blowing.   I have had other astrological reading, but never walked away feeling so clear and inspired.    


Henry. W. 

If you are not familiar with this type of reading, as I was not, it is a look at where your soul came from, why it is here, and where it is headed. I have never been to therapy but this felt much to me like what a breakthrough therapy session must feel like. Not only was it fascinating, but there were a few moments, or rather epiphanies that I feel have changed my life. Just understanding why I have chosen things I have, or why I have done things I have done. If you are looking for some insight, or possibly direction in life, I highly recommend her.  

Tony K.

"Leti showed me where I've been, where I am now, and where I'm going. I didn't know Evolutionary Astrology was so potent and exact. Leti framed my past in a way that was constructive and empowering, then showed me not only where I was struggling but why, so I could release it easier. Why go through years of talk therapy when one two-hour session with Leti reveals all? 

Scott W.

My reading with Leti was so enlightening.  I have had many natal charts readings in the past, but Leti told me things no astrologer had ever discovered in my chart.  At my age not much surprises me, but it was uncanny the new information she discovered which has given me a new perspective on the past and the new phase I am beginning.  Leti is amazing at revealing deep wisdom that others couldn't.  She is insightful and true.

Leah W.

Leti Stiles

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