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 Evolutionary Astrology's depth offers such a profound level of understanding that I saw this as the next step to assist others in conjunction with complementary services.  I became an evolutionary astrologer after 25 years of studying astrology. It complements all the other facets of my professional experience and services I offer; Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Life Coaching, Shamanic Healing, Creative and Artistic Expression, Human Design, Spiritual and Intuitive Counseling

I have been working with people for the past 30 years in a variety of professional setting. In private practice for the past 10 years in Orange County .  I have assisted my clients find pathways to empowerment, self fulfillment and clarity of direction in their lives.  As a Life Coach, I found that in these fast moving and demanding times people need effective tools to accelerate personal growth and empowerment.

I worked in the social service arena and court system for 15 years working with victims of violence and rape, sexual abuse, drug & alcohol addictions and mental illness. This deepened my compassion and understanding, helping me perfect my skills in analysis of the human condition. I have coached hundreds of men and women in career and life transitions. My 15-year of experience as a Human Resourced Professional helped  me developed an ease of communication and practical wisdom. 




Leti Stiles

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