Astrological Art of the Soul

Astrological Art of the Soul Reading and Portrait

Leti combines her art background and your natal birth chart by bringing a unique perspective to your reading. Art and Astrology weave together the symbolic language of your sou's story. Both use univeral symbology to impart the knowledge of the stars, and tell your story.  Having a painting that is embued with your unique vibration and soul story is a great addition for your spiritual altar and to experience a deeper connection to your soul essence.

Your reading will focus on you Soul’s Evolutionary path and its desire to live in alignment with your Life’s purpose.  Following your reading Leti will create a soul portrait to embody the messages received in the reading.   Astrology is a language of star wisdom and  knowledge that can reveal your soul’s mission and what blocks its manifestation and happiness.  Your chart holds the key to help you break through to the other side of fear and confusion.   $375. 12x12 Portrait 

Astrological Soul Painting

(Commission work)

Leti, is available to render a custom Astrological Soul Painting of your natal chart using your symbolic story by using the Sun, Moon and Ascendant.  Please contact Leti for pricing and custom detail. 


Leti Stiles

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